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Books and Films:
Use the electronic catalog to find books and films on your topic.Use the "Easy Word Search" button for best results -- search by Keyword or Subject. Keyword gets the most, though some might be irrelevant. If you don't find anything, try a more general topic: "architecture" instead of "Doric columns," "dogs" instead of "Rottweilers."

Magazines and Newspapers: You can browse the covers and table of contents of magazines and browse through the relevant newspaper sections. Some of the publications have websites where you can search for articles. Also, the SIRS Knowledge Source is a good place to search, as many of these publications are in there. But sometimes you'll just have to browse.

To Find Good Internet Sources: (Passwords available in library)

Galenet Student Resource Center Gold

This is a huge source of scholarly research materials, taken from reference books and journals. It covers all areas of the curriculum.
Get passwords in library or from your instructor.

SIRS Knowledge Source

Get passwords in library or from your instructor.
*Be sure to choose "Knowledge Source," not "Sirs Discoverer" -- the latter is for younger students*.

This is a huge collection of articles on current topics in the arts, humanities, science, social science, and government documents.

AP Photo Archive

Get passwords in library or from your instructor.

An archive of news items, photos, transcripts and other primary sources covering over a hundred years of history.


No password needed for on-campus access. For off-campus, ask for passwords.

Nettrekker is an education search engine that finds excellent websites for research. This will bring you MUCH better results than Google, as all the sites have been selected by educators.